SBO NEWS champion ground erosion Hey blue suede army stormed off 2-0.

At art Thule Airforce 18.00 ” Eagles Navy Blue ” Air Force Central FC plum. Will play against sbo ” Bolt” united .

This game Air Force has Isra Wa Leo Gold, Rawwwwwwwwww in Suk , Lee Tuck and Joseph Tyler Maurer core sbo the team Ram was a huge army led by Karzai Melo . Gonzalez C , Zhu marin Chinese boys to catch up and I Mr.Jakraphan glass mat .

7 pm marin tuning China on a free kick 35 yards in front of the middle door Atisak Shia Martin tackles the ball into the net , but obviously winnowing candidates polite sbo first assistant to the offside flag raised .

Ram was out the door at 18 on a free kick beat the big boys I came up sbo opens into the pole before the Cartagena Melo is headed back to television Tanasak Sri clear shot air into the Ram . United lead 1-0

At 28 Air Force Central FC to win statewide Times Mirror had swept 30 yards to slot the ball under the crossbar, but it sbo Sivaruk still flying off the bar back up .

At 32 JIRAWAT Mach insists that breaking ball nearly 30 yards into the pole , but Mantel wa sbo interpreter tending to round out the treasure it is.

Time remaining in the first half , though united to attack constantly, but it also added a scoreless first 45 minutes sbo Air Force Central FC 0-1 after PEA .

Into the second half , Air Force made ​​the game better. But still can not break down the Ram ‘s .

Almost had a second goal at 51 Ram Mr.Jakraphan glass mat to see Manteca decided that out a long -term 45-yard shot sbo ball to fall back on the bar . Little miss

Skip Saeng ‘s 54 -minute shot from 25 yards, but not eliminated.

Times, mirrored statewide at 67 on a free kick from 25 yards into the goal. Field ball to shul front door sbo better quarterback left the Ram also extracted .

At 68 Air Force nearly equalized Lee TUC has shot the ball nearly 18 yards into the pole already sbo Sivaruk outlandish , but it also struck off into the hills .

70 hrs ago The doors of the second beer spa Filip Martin Nino sbo reserves down to just a single ball into the penalty area . Before shooting through the Ram Man Angel into a 2-0 lead .

Spa at 78 Martin Nino shot 30 yards out off the post altogether.

Lee TUC ‘s 87 free kicks 35 yards straight frame but Sivaruk sbo also subscribed to .

Air Force missed a last minute chance to regain Narongrid three palm the ball from the right into the front Yau Air Conditioning Munn alternate sbo Jump volley but hit Sivaruk hill country safe it is.

For the rest , nothing added , finishing the game 90 at Air Force Central FC 0-2 Buriram United sbo home defeat .
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