Myths regarding buying a property in Bangalore

We all know that the real estate market in Bangalore is on a high for the past few years. While there are many factors that we can credit for the same, there are also many factors that are over-estimated by the people. Every time there is a flats for sale in bangalore east, people move in crowds to buy it. They are not aware of some facts about the city that can go against the expectations that they have set from the investment that they are making.

Before you are lured into the same, here are a few myths about the city that you might want to consider:

–          There is definitely going to be a huge appreciation:

This is not true. Everyone who is looking at residential apartments for sale in Bangalore with the intention of buying one, thinks that he is going to receive returns at a horse’s pace. You need to understand that there are different factors that support such an appreciation. If the property is adhering to all the factors, only then will it be able to appreciate faster than the others. Else you will see slower growth.

–          There are hidden costs:

A property sale in Bangalore sounds like a treat for all the real estate investors. What one needs to understand is that there is no such thing as a property sale. There are always costs that you have not thought about. Any expert in the real estate market will be able to look through the situation, but for all the amateurs, it is most advisable to make sure that you consult someone who is well versed with the market before spending money on it.

–          It is all expensive/cheap:

Bangalore is a market which is very dynamic. You never know what happens when and there are sudden changes in the process of land. There are many people who think that land in Bangalore is cheap or expensive. They do not consider the changes that take place on a regular basis. When you are looking for a flat on sale in Bangalore, you need to understand that you can expect all kinds of prices.

The changes in prices will be dependent on the different factors that determine the prices of the houses.

–          Perfect weather:

There are many people who buy properties in Bangalore because they think that the weather in the city is apt for retirement. They also tend to think that they will be able to enjoy the hill-station like climate in the bustle of the city. While this was true about 5 years ago, the climate of the city has changed drastically. It is not as good as it used to be and also gives many a hard time when it comes to living there.

The summers are getting hotter and the winters are not that cold either. Also there is a lot of pollution and traffic in the city you will have to deal with on a regular basis.

–          Colonial style bungalows:

Gone are the days when everything that was built in Bangalore was built in colonial style. There are now very modern constructions and establishments that are being erected in Bangalore making the architecture of the city much more modern. This takes away from the ancient architecture of Bangalore. If you are someone who is looking for houses of that kind at a decent price, you are in the wrong place. You are not going to find many of those anymore.

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