How to put value on your home

Moving up the housing ladder is what households up and down the country are striving endlessly to achieve. Whether you are upgrading into a bigger family home, downsizing to a smaller property or just looking to add a few extra noughts to your bank balance, then making the most out of your home is imperative. Here are just a few simple and quick ways to make selling your house quick and simple:

Adding a bedroom

Bedrooms are like gold dust when it comes to selling properties and as it turns out makes the taxman a few pounds as well. When the time comes to offload your house then making the most of the space you have at your disposal is vital. Even if you have a surplus room that you use as a study or as a spare room then it can be very fruitful indeed to make space for a bed as that will always add more value than anything else. Converting an unused space like a loft into a bedroom can allow you to keep your study or spare room elsewhere. Insulating the roof, adding a window, and putting drywall up can make a barebones loft feel a lot more livable. When dealing with the structure of the roof, be sure to consult with a professional like Johnson Construction Company.

Unique features

USPs or unique selling points may be something you associate more with a business proposition than your home, but selling your house is big business. Increasing the desirability of your abode is a simple and often inexpensive way of boosting its value. Quirky features and doors, such as circle doors and windows can add a wow factor to the outside and inside of your home to win more favour amongst interested buyers so don’t remove or replace them unless necessary.

Neutral décor

When potential buyers start looking around your home it is important to showcase to them how they can put their own stamp on it. You may think your taste looks great, but to someone else they are only thinking about how much it will cost for them to change the colour scheme. Transform your home’s chances of selling for a good price by toning down your colour choices to make them neutral and leave the design up to the new owners.



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